Innovative design




Innovative design

I have learned that the solution to a problem or series of concerns may not always be on the shelf...

Design has an extremely broad definition that truly means various concepts to different individuals. Innovative design can be embedded into a roadmap or a strategic plan as indicated in professional development opportunities. Design can be the creation of an actual object, component or a system as described in many of our Furniture Solutions. Design can encompass ideas and conversations of aesthetics, and functionality and may involve research, prototypes, testing and investigations. Irrespective of design needs, we are confident in providing the best solutions for your community.

didacta, The Education Trade Fair, Stuttgart, Germany - March 25, 2014


Furniture is simply the gateway that permits us the opportunity to get out of the way of learning. It needs to assist pedagogies in being limitless while making all resources background music to space thus permitting space to fulfill potential.

“Furniture (the tools and resources) is just a small physical piece of what I do and I am truly passionate about it. However, I vehemently know that this work IS NOT about flipping a light switch. To sustain change in educational environments, this work requires intense planning, nurturing, execution, and comprehensive professional development before, during and after implementation.”


equip the guide

The majority of the work that we do is providing systematic tools and resources to people who perform the work. Once we establish the objectives of who you are, and where you are going we can begin to support you in your work. Most anyone can create change. However, we realize that if we desire to truly sustain change it requires all investors within a community to rethink how they can influence all things school.

Key strategies we utilize in Equipping the guides are:

- Bridge building.

- Language creation.

- Observational lenses.

- Procurement design.


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health, wellness and safety


David passionately excels to improve the health, wellness and safety of all aspects of educational facilities by his leadership. He focuses on delivering “systems” that respond to the social, emotional as well as the physical aspects of space. Additionally, his demonstrated successes have received recognitions by numerous local, state and national organizations.

David invests to insure all products and solutions are diligently designed to meet or exceed the strictest of agency requirements and or recommendations.

As we continue to wade through the impact of the pause as a result of the pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the personalized solutions that we implement need to be embedded with a systems approach. As in all great design, it is just not “one thing” that will reinforce our successes. “Leaning on my work with the EPA, I have learned that our greatest success will be a diverse set of processes that are aligned as a system. Moving forward, we need to uniquely create systems that will permit the healthiest opportunities with the least amount of resources.”


Table furniture and assembly kit for generating an array of items of furniture.
Assembly kit for generating an array of items of furniture.
Multi-purpose storage cart.
Storage cart.