David has been published

numerous times for his innovative and creative perspective on evolving educational facility design.

Here are some examples:

The Vision of Innovative Classrooms of Today Has Become Reality” – October/November 2013

“Is the Classroom of Today Obsolete?” - January 2014

“Keeping Eyes on the Ball(s)” - February 2014

Re-creating the Learning Environment, A Lens into our Progress" - June 2014 edition

Eight Steps to Creating the Best Educational Space, October 29, 2015

Schools of the 21st Century, "Harnessing Change" - Fall 2018 edition

Observations (watch/listen)

Below are six key thought starters of a series of 28 videos that were created to share insight in the creation of agile learning environments while a Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction in a Georgia public school system.

The greater playlist discovered here

not only contains thought starters as seen below but also include product tutorials to show how various Shift+ components can be used, combined, and rearranged for a true agile educational environment.

Disruption 2.0 Change Is Not Familiar

Audio from 2018 SXSW.edu presentation. This fast paced, 28-minute journey provides more in-depth content in the creation and subsequent sustainment of change. One of my favorite presentations discussing how we need to re-align our focus beyond what we have typically done in the past to drive change forward. Listeners will gain insight for their journey while reviewing lessons learned from recent educational environment modifications.