P.B. Disrupts School!

David alongside his daughter, Alex, make their authorial and illustrating debut with this adorably inspiring picture book that speaks to both the teacher and the learner about acceptance and inclusion. Both young readers and adults alike will become familiar with concepts surrounding physical space as well as the impact that various settings have on social emotional skills.


The young horse, Pinto Bean, plans on becoming a bucking bronco when he grows up and truly enjoys kicking about the farm. However, the adult horses have a different idea and suggest Pinto Bean go to school and acquire some manners. Children of all ages will love making animal sounds as P.B. and his good friend Jay set out on a wonderful journey to “find the right fit.” Have FUN traveling with the two friends as they get into mischievous mishaps exploring learning environments, from a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures, from the “school of fish” to the “BEE-School.”
Ultimately, P.B. and Jay learn that all schools are not created equal and that it is becoming increasingly important to find a school that fits P.B. best. In the end, a new friend guides them to a place that supports all styles of learners.