Hinge and Pivot

Initiated as an actional conversation to reimage storage within the halls of education, Hinge and Pivot soon became so much more. This book is a collection of voices pertaining to educational SPACE acquired from a lifetime of journeys worldwide, a source of reflection as well as a personal accomplishment to empower readers through the printed word.


This idea of a book arrived many years ago when I was quickly positioned on the stage from the creation of something amazing which spoke to all the previous conversations of educational change in the physical form.

However, my work creating physical bridges over the disconnects within the historical mindset of the educational SPACE was not complete. So, I went back inside of the walls of education and again listened intently to the conversations embedded with asks while observing behaviors, actions and micro-gestures of the educators and the learners. I then continued to prototype, model and demand change of the antiquated anchors which education has been wading through for decades weaving through traps, around barriers and over hurdles with not only new ideas but a fresh voice of hope to inspire more fluid conversations surrounding the way we store within education.