We take pride in being an independent consulting company to Architects, Designers, and School Communities. However, we do so much more than consult.

We Listen, understand, engage, assist, advise, support, and inspire. We create and facilitate thoughtfully constructed professional development in the form of workshops, sessions, and conversation that respond to your specific requirements at a specific point in time.

Opportunities typically include inspirational speaking, visioning as well as imagination facilitation workshops. We create “pre-event” training opportunities, one-on-one conversations and provide idea-defining sessions that can culminate in the form of action plans, sketches and or other visual representation.

“Far too many learning experience “experts” give schools advice without ever testing what they are saying. In my experience, David Stubbs is the complete opposite. He brings a wealth of hands on experience working directly with students, faculty, and administration to help them provide the best learning experience in their space. Since working with David, we have seen student engagement increase and faculty use their classroom in ways they’ve always wanted to."

- Geoff DeSantis, Director of Plant & Strategic Design Facilitator Convent & Stuart Hall Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco, CA


David is frequently invited to speak to educational and design professionals around the world concerning the conversations revolving around the "Next" generation of school facility design. David's "story telling" demonstrates his deep seeded passion to make a difference by the use of wit, humor and a contagious energy.

David utilizes his own experiences from over 25 years as a school consultant, administrator, designer and architect to allow the audience to look in the mirror as they begin to create change in their own environments. David is successful in creating several AH-HA moments by providing a series of concepts and ideas that permit the audience to understand that a new approach may be necessary to lead us into the "Next" generations of educational facility design.

Below are examples of accredited presentations/workshops
available for CEU’s

“Unlike many others I have seen, David’s presentations are of learnings derived from insights through observation and are delivered through images and stories. They speak to me at an emotional level, which re-energizes my passion for improving learning environments. I highly recommend David as a presenter, consultant, or coach.”

- Ken Sigmon, Educations Solutions Specialist, Sheppard's Business Interiors, Omaha, NE


David is continuously formulating and performing research within educational environments to gain a higher-level understanding of the requirements of today’s educators and learners independently as well as with public and private institutions. Discoveries are naturally incorporated back into all of his work from the design of products to client Professional Development. Further developments are in the works!

If our work sparks an interest, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential research opportunities within your community.


These examples of stunning educational environments were created and nurtured by some of the most brilliant sets of educators and designers that I have ever met.

Each project has its own unique voice and series of catalysts. However, they are unified in their passion to deviate from the traditional expectations in education. It has been an absolute honor to observe my designs utilized in these brilliant transformations. In most cases, I have had the opportunity to engage stakeholders at various intersections of their creations as well as the permissions to observe and study these complete transformations.